Rates ...

There are various options for PA and administration services, depending on your business needs:


Use our service whenever you need to and pay on an ad hoc basis.


Use our service for more than 5 hours per month and benefit from our Bronze retainer package.


Use our service for more than 10 hours per month and benefit from our Silver retainer package.


Use our service for more than 20 hours per month and benefit from our Gold retainer package.

Transcription Only

For transcription, we charge per audio minute of recording, the rate depending on the quality and complexity of the material and/or the turnaround time required.

To discuss any of the above ...

Our standard working hours are 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.  We will try to accommodate requests for out-of-hours work at evenings or weekends, where practicable.  Out-of-hours or urgent work will usually incur a higher rate.

Expenses/sundries are invoiced at cost, when applicable.  Also travel costs and time, where required, are chargeable.  These will be advised when quoting.