What is a Virtual Assistant?

Do you know what a Virtual Assistant is?

Even if you do, do you know how they can help you or are you scared to try?

If your business is growing and you could do with some extra help, but don’t want to start employing people, then step into the 21st century and consider turning virtual into reality!

A virtual assistant is a highly skilled professional who offers business support services virtually. This means they are located off site, are independent but specialise in providing PA and administration services to enable you to focus on your business.

Still not convinced? What are the benefits?

  • It can be very time-consuming recruiting … and you have to find the right person!

  • Employees cost more than their salary … as much as 40% more, when you’ve paid NI contributions, holiday and sick pay, pension contributions etc.

  • You have to give them office space with a desk, computer and other equipment.

  • You have to keep them busy all week.

  • Employment law is very complex but you have to abide by it if you employ people.

The right VA will add value to your business and you will only pay for what is done. A good VA will appear to be an employee to your customers and they will assume the VA is based in an office with you. A skilled VA will be efficient, professional and above all, maintain confidentiality.

So really, what exactly can you get your VA to do? Well, the list is endless! Visit our Services page to see what we can do for you.

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