Consider the true value of your time ...

Anyone in business knows it's essential to monitor overheads closely. After all, if our costs are too high, our profit is reduced ... we all know that! So you manage costs by doing everything. You have all the latest electronic devices, so you can react 24/7 to your clients ... you read social media news ... you post on social media ... you provide clients with quotations ... you produce invoices ... you arrange appointments. Then you discover you have a problem ... because you need to go and meet your clients and find new ones, but you haven't really got the time. You were also intending to play some golf and socialise with friends and family more. The reality is that you do not have the time to do everything and more importantly, the things that will grow your business, such as seeing clients, and the things that will benefit your health and wellbeing, such as leisure activities and time with friends and family,are the things, which get pushed to one side. So consider the true value of your time: a little outlay will in fact enable you to grow your business and give you time away from work, ensuring your sanity!

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