Terms of Engagement

Full terms of engagement are supplied prior to undertaking work for a client, but in brief ...

Sending Work to Bravo

We can accept a request for a quotation by telephone or email, but we will then provide details of the work and costs, which we ask to be confirmed by email to info@bravovirtualoffice.co.uk to eliminate misunderstandings.



For ad hoc work, a minimum one hour is charged and hours after that are in increments of 30 minutes (rounded up).  Invoices will be issued on completion of the work and payment is due within 7 days.  Where the estimated cost is likely to exceed £100, Bravo reserves the right to charge an advance payment of £50, which will be deducted from the invoice.


For Bronze, Silver or Gold retainer clients, work is logged in 15-minute blocks (rounded up).  Invoices are issued on 23rd of the month and payment is due in advance by 1st of the following month.

Any additional expenses, such as stationery, telephone calls, postage etc will be agreed with the client, charged at cost and shown separately on the invoice.  Where necessary, travel costs and time will be charged for, but will be agreed with the client in advance.

Audio Transcription

Audio transcription is charged per audio minute.  Bravo reserves the right to charge a minimum £25 fee for any recording of less than 15 minutes' duration.


Late or Non-Payment:

Overdue invoices may incur a 2% late payment charge.  Total non-payment and/or refusal to pay an invoice will result in legal action being taken.



Bravo holds Professional Indemnity Insurance.  For reasons of safety and insurance, any meetings required may be arranged at a suitable alternative location.  Bravo will not be held liable or responsible for the end use of any work carried out.  Bravo also reserves the right to refuse any work which appears illegal, fraudulent or offensive.  Bravo cannot be held responsible for any loss of information due to equipment failure and will not be liable for any loss of business, profits or other effects, however they arise.


Privacy and Data Protection

All work and communications regarding it are treated in the strictest confidence and will not be discussed or passed to any third party unless agreed with the client.  Bravo is ICO registered (ZA280482).  Our Privacy Policy forms part of our Terms of Engagement.